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We are a not-for-profit company bringing you the very best of nature's healing plants, specialising in high quality CBD products. All our profits are invested into community-empowering projects and towards increasing access to chemical-free, nutrient-dense food for all people regardless of location or finances.

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What is NuCanna?
High quality CBD products & information
A not-for-profit arm of NuLife Nutrition, focused on providing the highest-quality CBD products and information; and to increasing knowledge, awareness and access for all to this miraculous therapeutic plant.
Why choose Nucanna products?
Feeding & empowering communities
NuCanna is committed to bringing you the highest quality products available, together with a wealth of research & information, and we give our profits away so you can be sure we are about people, not about profit.
What CBD product is best for you?
Supporting hemp-based industries
Why do cannabinoids work? What do they do? Is it legal? How do I know how much to take? Is it safe with other medications? We want to help you find the right product for you and your loved ones.

NuLife has been born from a deep desire to see a happier world, and that begins with happier people and happy communities. NuLife and its various not-for-profit ‘Nu’ enterprises aim to increase access to the knowledge, tools, training and funding that can improve the quality of people’s lives everywhere. We give all our profits away to support the growing good on this planet and towards launching our own community and people empowering initiatives.

We will start with our gift incentives – you can recieve up to 20% discount on all our oils or gift it forward to one of our soon to be launched projects. If you are involved with a project or initiative that supports people, communities or planet you can raise revenue for it through our NuFamily support program and get your project seen by more people; and if you are on a low income, a veteran, student, or retired please read about our NuFriend Support Program.

Nature IS the Answer

Our product ranges

Focused on bringing you the very best that nature has to offer

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NuLife Nutrition, and its sister Nu-enterprises, are committed to bringing you the highest quality products available, together with a wealth of in-depth, independent research & information.

Our CBD oil is a blend of organically grown European hemp strains, chosen for their beneficial phytocannabinoids, flavonoid, terpene & terpenoid profiles. Obtained through supercritical CO2 extraction to deliver one of the most complete phyto-chemical profiles you can legally obtain until this non-toxic, miraculous plant is decriminalised.

Our oils are independently lab tested to ensure CBD levels and lack of contaminants. Batch results can be viewed on our product pages.

Cannabis Knowledge ~ Be Armed with Truth

Separating fact from fiction ~ find in-depth research, testimonials & history

What are Cannabinoids
Your Endocannabinoids
Frequently asked Questions
History of Hemp
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A medicine and food source for Millennia

Why is so little research being conducted when so many report powerful therapeutic effects on a multitude of painful and debilitating conditions?

Cannabis has the potential to replace countless damaging products and industries from fossil fuels to many pharmaceuticals, so it takes little imagination to join the dots between industry profits and the astonishing resistance against this incredibly beneficial plant.

There are zero recorded deaths from cannabis alone and no known overdose limit, yet this highly nutritious plant remains out of the reach of most people whilst we and our children are prescribed endless synthetic & highly profitable pills universally recognised for their array of potential and sometimes devastating side effects.

We are not even legally allowed to suggest the potential health benefits of cannabis on our product site, but we are allowed to link to independent research and testimonials on a variety of conditions. Most studies are conducted with THC rich plants, which is without doubt the optimal profile for the remediation or prevention of ailments, but at this time acquiring these healing compounds for yourself or loved ones can carry a custodial sentence ~ enjoy the links.

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Supporting Good Causes
We want to support the good things happening on our plantet so we donate all our profits to projects on our site or nominate one you are passionate about.
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Supporting you
We want to support as many people as possible, sign up NuLife Member to secure 15% discount or donate your 15% to your favourite cause ~ lets spread the love.
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Nuhempire Directory
Supporting the growth of the global cannabis movement & bringing you information, products & offers from a range of ethical companies, movements and information sources.
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NuLife Projects & Goals

At NuLife we believe in collaboration and mutual support ~ 100% of our profits will be donated to good causes

CBD Support & The NuHempire
Creating greater opportunity for everyone to access this powerful plant
Our focus is to help everyone access cannabinoids & other healing plant compounds. We offer in-depth knowledge, research & support; and subsidised products to those on low income, as well as free training on creating TruFood nutrition in the home.
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NuLife Projects
Providing the tools, training & support to empower individuals & communities
All across the globe communities are reuniting through urban food projects. We aim to support established movements and inspire new ones through education, training & funding. Food should be freely available for all regardless of location or finances
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NuLife Skill Schools & Global Directory
Sharing tools & knowledge and supporting the change makers on this planet
Our NuLife Global Directory is being built to unit and promote all the independent businesses, charities, movements, teachers, artists, experts etc that are working towards a better world, helping to connect and empower all
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Be armed with the truth

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“CBD oil has been demonstrated as an effective treatment for at least some forms of epilepsy”.  World Health Organization

World Health Organization
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“CBD offers hope of a non-toxic therapy that could treat aggressive forms of cancer without any of the painful side effects of chemotherapy.”

Dr. Sean McAllister at the California Pacific Medical Center.

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“Make the most of the hemp seed, sow it everywhere.”

George Washington
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NuHempire Family

Support us in our goals of supporting others

Bringing Life Enhancing Nutrition to the People