NuLife and its many planned ‘Nu‘ initiatives, like NuCanna, are a unique package of self-supporting units working synergistically to create a huge promotional, educational, people-empowering global network of change, demonstrating the beauty, and power of united communities and the importance of creativity, celebration, active living, self expression and the health of mind, body and the environment.

NuLife will use its many interlinking digital and physical platforms to achieve its core aims, which are to re-empower people and communities, and support them on the path to self reliance and financial freedom through the provision of tools, training, education, food, support, employment opportunities, community regeneration initiatives and the eventual establishment of NuLife community centers, skill schools & cooperatives.
NuLife community development & training facilities, and satellite initiatives incorporate a contribution system meaning that, irrespective of income, all members can access our discounted goods & services.