Cannabinoids affects on PTSD

Enjoy these links to studies and research on cannabis and various medical condition. Supplementation with cannabinoids will have different effects for each person, we are not medically trained or qualified to give medical advice. We do not suggest that cannabis will treat or cure any particular medical condition, we merely present these links and research to aid your further investigation.  These studies are conducted under strict supervision with high doses.

The suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, stems from a horrific event, which lead to the individual’s brain producing high levels of adrenaline and stress hormones. This powerful experience creates a neuropathway in the brain, like a bridge to the experience that causes repetitive playback, or flashbacks of the traumatic memory bringing with it all the stress and emotions that played out at the time. This re-experiencing has a knock-on effect causing things like insomnia, depression, and social isolation.

Cannabidiol, CBD oil helps restore balance to the brain, helping recondition neuropathways, halting the repetitive playback of the trauma, and so diverting one away from the anxiety, stress, and depression.

CBD improves the production of sleep hormones too, providing one with all-round relief as numerous people are discovering compared to the already available drugs that come with added side-effects.

Link: Bidirectional Effects of Cannabidiol on Contextual Fear Memory Extinction

Comparing the effects of i.p. injections of cannabidiol (10 mg/kg) with those of the NMDA receptor antagonist MK-801 (0.1 mg/kg) and partial agonist D-cycloserine (DCS; 15 mg/kg) in order to determine the mnemonic basis of long-term fear reduction.


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