Dosage Guidelines

Dosage Guidelines
Dosage Guidelines

The internet offers much overwhelming and conflicting information regarding recommended dosage of cannabinoids, and in particular CBD (cannabidiol). Even deciphering a product label to understand the dose you are taking can be a bewildering prospect, as measurements are displayed differently by different companies.

To make things more complicated, we are here to tell you that while many CBD companies are giving recommended daily intake, no such instruction can be given as each person reacts so differently to cannabinoids, and everyone’s own endocannabinoid system is as unique as their fingerprint. You should only lean on other people’s experiences as guidelines, your journey with cannabinoids will be completely unique to you.

The best and only advice that should be offered are general guidelines and best practices. This lack of generally accepted guidelines is part due to the highly individualised ‘patient-determined’ response regularly witnessed in clinical studies; and also part due to the, quite frankly, criminal lack of research being conducted on a plant so clearly capable of bringing relief to so many. Due to this we are unable to site recommended doses as none have been announced by any regulatory bodies.

However we have conducted much in-depth research on your behalf, cross-referencing clinical trials, scientific research and studies along with the experience and testimonies of the many users that have had their lives changed, often overnight, by supplementing with cannabinoids. We have collated this information to bring you the most widely accepted and sited dosage guidelines – and the number one piece of advice whether you are taking CB (cannabinoid), oil with or without THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), is slow and steady.

Each person will react completely differently to cannabinoid supplementation, even to the exact same doses of the exact same product. The same medical conditions will respond differently in different people, one person may enjoy complete remission while another experiences little relief.  Studies have even seen identical twins reacting differently to the exact same dosage for the same condition. You may even see different results at different times of your life; the health of your endocannabinoid system, your weight, sex, age, general health and any previous interaction with cannabis will all have an effect on your results.

To complicate things further, many cannabinoids, including THC & CBD, have biphasic properties which means that low and high doses can have differing effects, for example, most anxiety sufferers report better results on lower doses and that increasing their dose actually decreases the therapeutic results.

Cannabinoids work in a completely unique way, interacting with and complementing our own internal endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our ECS is responsible for regulating untold processes in the body by supporting intercellular communication; and medical science is fast attributing many common modern conditions to an underactive ECS system.

What we can be sure of, is that a healthy ECS is an integral part of a healthy immune system. NuLife Nutrition and NuCanna are focused on promoting a holistic approach to health, which can be found when the body’s internal systems are properly supported with the right nutrition and environment; cannabis, and the cannabinoids and other phyto-chemicals it offers are a powerhouse in this regard.

Studies clearly and repeatedly suggest that supplementing a balanced diet with CBD can reactivate a dormant ECS and help bring endocannabinoid production back into balance therefore optimally supporting the entire body. Everyone’s ECS is different and will react differently to supplementation. The general consensus is that a sleeping endocannabinoid system takes time to reawaken and that a slow and steady dose increase is optimal.

Deciding your Dose

When deciding your dose it is reassuring to note that CBD is non-toxic, non-psychoactive, and has no known overdose limit; so although we recommend a slow and steady dose increase to find your optimum levels, feel secure that you will not cause yourself harm with an incorrect dosage.

Taking too much CBD oil too quickly may lead to a drop in blood pressure, so it is important to consult with a professional if you are hypotensive or suffering from any other medical condition. Special care must be observed if you are taking any form of medication as CBD can interact with some medications read more here.

Other symptoms that have been reported on occasion are dizziness, dry mouth, possible headaches (although migraine sufferers often find great relief), and other symptoms such as slight nausea are sometimes experienced as a part of the detoxing process while your body starts activating sleeping systems again, and begins the process of healing and cleansing; but none will be long lasting or cause ongoing ill health. If you feel any unwanted side-effects just reduce your dose until you are comfortable again.

Research suggests for optimal assimilation of CBD & CB’s it is best to administer your dose in two or more smaller separate servings throughout the day, rather than a single larger dose. We recommend our products are taken sublingually; place the desired number of drops under your tongue, then hold for 60 seconds or more before swallowing. This allows for quickest absorption through the mucous membrane of the mouth, straight into the blood stream.

Depending on your reasons for supplementation, we recommend starting at a dose of 10mg – 60mg of CBD taken in two or more servings throughout the day, as studies show little and often to be the best approach. Stay at this level for three or more days and if no undesirable effects are noticed, increase the dose, and again stay at this level for a few days, increasing incrementally in this manner until desired effects are achieved.

Suggested dosage protocol:

  • Starting with a low daily dose of approx. 10mg-60mg per day
  • Administer this dose in 2 or more servings throughout the day
  • Wait at this level for 3 or more days
  • If desired results are not felt increase by 5mg-20mg and observe
  • Repeat this process until desired results are noticed

We always suggest a slow and steady approach, if you are looking at CBD to relieve a condition and want to experiment with higher doses, do your research and consult with experts. We are building a glossary of information sources to support your research & groups and experts to connect with.

We are not medically trained or qualified to give medical advice, we offer the information in this site purely as a gift for informational purposes only. We do not suggest that cannabis will treat, prevent or cure any particular medical condition, we merely present these links and research to aid your further investigation to decide what might be right for you.
These statements have not been evaluated by the FSA (Foods Standards Agency) in the U.K. or the EFSA (European Foods Safety Authority). This information is not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease, or to replace a balanced diet. Under no circumstances will NuCanna or NuLife be held responsible for any loss, adverse reactions, consequences, damage or illness resulting from the application or interpretation of the content within. Content should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advise, treatment or diagnosis. The reader assumes full responsibility for consulting a qualified health professional regarding health conditions or concerns, and before starting a new diet or health program.


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