What product is right for you?

Understanding CBD dosage and what product is best for you can be a bewildering task.  There is an ever-growing number of product choices and an ever-expanding list of companies offering differing advice, making your search all the harder.

We are about people not profit

In a world motivated by profit, every company touts their product as ‘the best’ so how do  you know what advice you can trust?

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You can trust us and our products

NuLife Nutrition, and its daughter company NuCanna, are not-for-profit companies dedicated to helping support people in their journey towards optimal physical and mental well-being. We do the research that the vast majority of people do not have the time to do; cross-referencing preclinical research & clinical trials, reports from clinicians & patients and advice from reputable sources, collating a deep store of knowledge, along with the most widely accepted protocols on a wide range of nutritional topics.

All our profits are given away to people-empowering and community-supporting projects, so you can rest assured that our motives are about people, not profit. – read more here

To aid your journey we have put together this short CBD buyers guide and ‘best practice’ guidelines hoping to help you choose the right product for you even if it’s not one of ours.
We will soon be launching new product lines that are currently in development, and we will also soon list products from other CBD companies that we have found follow similar strict business ethics as ourselves ~ sign up to hear the latest news.

Choosing a supplier

There are many entrepreneurs currently jumping onto the CBD wagon – after all, products that offer real benefits to people are an easy sell – some suppliers have good intentions, but others are there just to make a quick buck at anyone’s expense.
We have created this list to help you separate the good from the bad, and to help you decide what product is best for you.

Cannabis is a powerful bio-accumulator meaning it draws up toxins from its environment, a fantastic attribute for repairing dying soils but far from ideal when concentrated into a product to be ingested. We always strongly recommend only purchasing cannabis products from organically grown sources.

We recommend you only buy from companies that offer to show the lab results for their products. The growing methods & environment, and certain solvent-based extraction methods can leave unwanted and often toxic residues in the end product. Lab testing is the easiest way to be assured of your products purity.

CBD companies can label their products in a variety of ways, some talk about ratios, others display percentages and many quantify the levels of the CBD in each bottle in mg’s.

Guidelines on administering specific CBD serving sizes can talk about drops, pipettes, servings or daily mg’s; so look for a labelling system that is clear and makes sense to you.

We have labelled our products by the amount of mg’s of CBD you will receive per drop from our pipettes, as we felt this to be the clearest instruction and the easiest for people to administer the desired dosage.

Does the company you are looking at simply list a range of products claiming theirs to be the best, or do they offer a wealth of well-researched information to support you in your research?

Compare the pricing of your proposed supplier to others in the market. Where are they placed price wise? Do they offer any discount schemes to those on low income, or do they give any of their profits to charitable causes? We feel the financial ethos of a company often speaks volumes of the intent behind it.

What product is right for you?

Understanding how much CBD is right for you, or how to take it, can be a bewildering mission so here we present some best practice guidelines that the majority of experts, clinicians and patients agree upon.

Please refer to our more in-depth dosage guidelines here.

There are 4 main methods of cannabinoid delivery: orally, sublingually (under the tongue), topically and by inhalation. Choosing what is right for you usually just comes down to personal preference. Some people enjoy the ease and discrete nature of vaping their CBD, others hate inhaling anything and prefer to take drops or, in the case of children, gummy bears or chocolate are always going to be a win.

We always recommend starting with a small dose and staying at this dose for a few days to monitor any noticeable effects, then if needed increase the dose incrementally after a few days. Read more about dosage guidelines here.

  • Start with a low daily dose of approx. 10-60mg per day, administering this dose in 2 or more servings throughout the day.
  • Wait at this level for 3 or more days. If no results are felt increase by 5-10mg and observe.
  • Repeat this process until desired results are noticed.

Studies suggest that little and often is the best approach for CBD supplementation. We recommend spreading your daily intake into two or more doses. CBD supplementation is an ongoing thing, most people’s endocannabinoid systems have been under-active and under-supported for years and this can take time to reactivate and rebalance. Read more about your endocannbinoid system here…

‘Full complex’ is a misnomer as no-one, outside of a very few locations worldwide, can legally offer you ‘full complex’ as THC is part of the medicinal arsenal cannabis delivers and is currently outlawed.  At NuLife we hold absolute faith in nature as the ultimate biochemist and research supports the incredible intelligence these plant compounds display within the body.
There are many companies offering CBD as an isolate suggesting it is an optimal ingredient, and we, along with much research, would suggest otherwise. We will be investigating this and many other cannabis-related topics so sign up as NuFriend to be kept up to date.

If you are taking a product for health reasons then we would strongly recommend avoiding any additional ingredients.

Artificial additives, flavours, sweeteners, or preservatives have been witnessed again and again to create unfavourable reactions in the body and none of them are necessary. We recommend only using companies that insist on natural ingredients.

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