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NuLife and its various ‘Nu’ enterprises are all not-for-profit, we only make profit to give it away to support people, communities and the growing good on our planet. On our NuFamily support pages you will find a handful of good causes that you can nominate your 15% towards, or you can nominate it towards a NuLife Project. If you are involved with a project you are passionate to support we have developed our ‘NuFamily Support’ program so that you may access up to 30% of your oil sales through us towards the project you are passionate about.
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As we grow we can add more and more causes, so please support us by buying your CBD oils through us.
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NuFamily hold the answers

Looking at the world today, its easy to feel overwhelmed by the challenges facing us, but in the face of much adversity people everywhere are flourishing, ideas are being born, movements formed, inventions created and communities rebuilt.

This truly is an exciting time to be alive. Our current systems are obviously failing us so the people are finally looking for alternatives, and all across the world charities, teachers, movements, artists, scientist, inventors, healers and visionaries are bringing us the answers and the tools to free ourselves and create lives and communities overflowing with abundance, arts, music, health, free food and advanced technologies.

We have the knowledge to feed every man, woman and child. We have access to clean, unending energy and pollution free transport. We have the blue prints and materials to build luxury homes in harmony with nature for all people.  We are already able to automate most of the work force and spend our free time with loved ones and developing our passions…. So why aren’t we??

Because the people don’t know!

Supporting NuFamily

NuLife is a platform designed to support and promote the work of the greatest minds and hearts on our planet and to help spread the good news that we have everything we need to create a world of freedom and abundance for all.

To this end we are building a global platform to promote the many change makers on our planet be they working with the earth, cannabis, nutrition, animals, community coops, supporting the vulnerable, bringing aid, creating arts or events, offering education and training, developing technologies both physical and digital, the list is endless, and the time is now!

Our NuFamily pages will host many worthy projects, movements and initiatives in an aim to gain them more support for their work and more members, but also to help spread the good news of what is happening across the planet, and that all things are possible when we come together focused on a common goal.

We can choose our world!



Groups & individuals working for change

 NuLife brings a model that supports all people whilst they in return support Nulife, so that Nulife can seed, fund and promote the many vital projects and initiatives that can truly tip the balance towards a healthy abundant society.

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