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We have lots of far-reaching aims to support as many people as we can, and there are plenty of ways you can add your support to our goals. Buying products through us is an obvious way, but there are many other ways to lend your support, from sharing us on social media to offering skills.

If you are able we ask that you consider becoming a NuFoundation member and sign up to a monthly donation to support our work. No amount is too big or too small and your donation will access special privileges and offers which will be announced soon; but if you do not currently have money to offer there are still many ways you can support us.

However you lend your support and awareness we thank you

Sign up as a member
We want to secure our NuLife Members the best opportunities, discounts and offers possible and quite simply the more members we have the more doors we can open.

Share us to your friends on social media
Nowadays its all about tweets and blogs. The more people that see our memes, blogs and posts the bigger our community can grow and the higher we get listed. Please help us on this journey by following us on Facebook, twitter and Instagram & pinterest~ we thank you for you support in helping us grow.

We have many far-reaching goals requiring many skill sets, from teaching permaculture or installing green technology to music events and academic tuition. We are always keen to hear about any skills that you might want to volunteer, and in some areas this could lead to future employment on the NuLife team.
Right now we are especially interested in IT and coding skills and graphic design talents as we build and develop the NuLife platforms. Please sign up as a member and fill in the NuSkills field and someone will get back to you.

Become a Foundation
Our businesses are designed to create profits to be invested into people and community empowering projects and into furthering the charitable aims of other organisations. The more money we have coming in the more we can expand and the more people we can help. If you are able please sign up as a NuFoundation member to offer us a monthly donation. Whether you can afford $5 or $500 we need your support at this critical time.
NuFoundational members will receive special privileges and offers, which will be announced soon.

Buy through us
It seems obvious but the more products we sell and the more donations we receive the quicker we can support the incredible people out there that have made helping others their life’s focus.

Our accounts are transparent and our team members are paid a modest salary, you can be sure that all we want is support the good in this world wherever we can.

Please support us by joining our mailing list, and keep up with our adventures and good news as we grow, along with the latest hemp & cannabis related news, our product launches, and our discounts and offers.  Every name on our membership list is a unit of power helping us to grow and in turn support more people.

If you are able please consider becoming a NuFoundation member and support our work with a monthly donation so that we can grow quickly and reach more people at this critical time on our planet.

We thank you for your support