NuFriend Support Fund

In the perfect world we would give our health-supporting nutritional products away, but unfortunately if we gave our supplements away to everyone that desperately needed them, but couldn’t afford them, we’d be out of business by morning.

We have set up various ways that our NuFriends can access discounts and money-making opportunities but for some who are facing the greatest hardship this simply isn’t enough.
We want to be able to give more to these friends we haven’t met yet. If someone is on low income and suffering from a diagnosed medical condition then we will offer further discounts and in some cases free products.
By sending your 15% donation to NuFriend Support Fund you are helping us to offer CBD support to some people facing some very difficult times.

All donations will be transparently given away to support NuFriend’s, and NuFriend’s in our support network will update us on their progress.

Gifting your 15% discount of your CBD oil checkout total to NuFriend Support Fund to assist those finding themselves facing very challenging times.
We and our NuFriends thank you!

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