Supporting NuFriends

NuLife and its various ‘Nu’ enterprises are all not-for-profit; we only make profit to give it away to support people, communities and the growing good on our planet. As we grow we can support more people and causes, so please support us by joining as a member, sharing us on social media and by buying your CBD oils through us.
Thank you for your support

At NuLife, we know that the expenses of life soon add up and that for many people, especially those on low income, it can be hard to afford nutritional supplements such as CBD.  One of the main goals of NuLife is to help generate funds and support for the movements and charities that are supporting communities and individuals; but we also want to support individuals on their quest to greater health and prosperity.

For those on low income we have several options to assist you accessing CBD supplementation. Depending on your situation, we have discounts ranging from 10% – 40%. We are also in the process of creating our NuLife trust fund, which will then offer funds to further discount NuCanna CBD products for those on low income that are fighting medical conditions.

If you are receiving benefits, are elderly, a student or a veteran diagnosed with PTSD then please apply here to find out more about our NuFriend Support discount and how to qualify.
We are also creating a charitable fund to support those that are suffering from a medical condition and need more assistance.

If you currently find yourself in a fairly comfortable financial position please consider becoming a NuFriend member, and offer a monthly donation to support us in supporting others.

Please support us by joining our mailing list, and keep up with our adventures and good news as we grow, along with the latest hemp & cannabis related news, our product launches, and our discounts and offers.  Every name on our membership list is a unit of power helping us to grow and in turn support more people.

If you are able please consider becoming a NuFoundation member and support our work with a monthly donation so that we can grow quickly and reach more people at this critical time on our planet.

We thank you for your support