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You can sign up as a NuLife member for free to receive up to 20% discount and various future benefits and offers.  Adding your name to our membership list helps us to grow and quite simply the bigger our NuLifer list is the more power we will have to open doors and secure more discounts and offers on your behalf.

NuLife has been born from a deep desire to see a happier world and that begins with empowered and happy people. NuLife and its various not-for-profit ‘Nu’ enterprises aims to increase access to the knowledge, tools, training and funding that can improve the quality of people’s lives and rebuild communities everywhere.

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We have many far-reaching goals to support as many people as we can, and there are plenty of ways you can add your support. Buying products through us is an obvious way, but there are many other ways, from sharing us on social media to offering skills.

If you are able we ask that you consider becoming a NuFriend member and sign up to a monthly donation to support our work. No amount is too big or too small and your donation will access special privileges and offers which will be announced soon; but if you do not currently have money to offer there are still many ways you can support us, like signing up for free as a NuLifer and joining us on social media platforms.

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Supporting NuFriends

At NuLife, we know that the expenses of life soon add up and that for many people, especially those on low income, it can be hard to afford nutritional supplements such as CBD.

One of the main goals of NuLife is to help generate funds and support for the movements and charities that are supporting communities and individuals, but we also want to support individuals on their quest to greater health and prosperity.

To assist those on low income we offer support through our ‘NuFriend Support’ program you can nominate yourself as a beneficiary rather than a project, charity or movement, securing up to 30% discount on our NuCanna CBD range.

We are also creating a charitable fund to support those that are suffering from a medical condition and need more assistance.

NuFriend Support

For those on low income we have several options to assist you accessing CBD supplementation. Depending on your situation we have discounts ranging from 10% – 40% discount. We are also in the process of creating our NuLife trust fund which will then offer funds to further discount NuCanna CBD products for those on low income that are fighting medical conditions.

If you are receiving benefits, are elderly, a student or a veteran diagnosed with PTSD then please apply here to find out more about our NuFriend Support discount and how to qualify.

If you are able please consider becoming a NuFriend member here offering a monthly donation to support us in supporting others. It is a critical time on our planet and the more support we get the quicker we can support others.

 NuLife brings a model that supports all people whilst they in return support Nulife, so that Nulife can seed, fund and promote the many vital projects and initiatives that can truly tip the balance towards a healthy abundant society.

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