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Through our coming ‘NuHempire Directory’ we aim to support & promote many established ethical hemp and cannabis related businesses, organisations & information resources.  We aim to increase awareness and access to this miraculous herb and to help dispel the myth and disinformation that has grown up around it.

If you know of a cannabis-related ethical business, expert, movement or information resource that should be featured in our coming directory then please nominate them at the bottom of the page. 

Information Resources

Due to the unrelenting propaganda campaign waged by industrial interests that wanted to see the plant banned, cannabis, and in many countries hemp, were outlawed. This has unfortunately greatly retarded the research and understanding of this incredible plant, much to the detriment of innumerable people.

It is painfully clear that we are just touching the tip of the iceberg in understanding the magnitude, importance and intricate nature of the body’s endocannabinoid system and how cannabis can support it. Evidence and research clearly supports the hypothesis that a healthy endocannabinoid system can help ease, and in many cases, cure numerous common medical conditions.

So much more research is desperately needed, and thankfully as cannabis laws soften, greater study can begin in earnest of what cannabis and her wealth of cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds can offer us in the fight against disease.
Below are links to some reliable information sources and experts so that you can continue your research with greater ease. We want to continually expand this list so please inform us below of any resource that has helped you, and please sign up as a NuFriend member, every name on our mailing list supports our growth ~ Thank you for your support 

Information Resources

Supporting the growth of cannabis


There is a bewildering and ever-growing number of CBD suppliers on the internet, so how do you know who you can trust?
Access our buyers guidelines here for some support on choosing products and suppliers, and we will soon be adding below companies that we have researched and developed relationships with, that we are confident have your best intentions at heart.
We will only list companies that insist on organically grown source materials, and follow a strict lab test protocol with results being made easily available to the public.  We also look to support the companies that are helping develop the movement and access to reliable and well-researched information.

We receive a commission when you buy their products through us, which we can then put towards good causes – every little helps.

We want to expand this list so let us know of companies you think we should reach out to, we are stronger together lets – and please sign up as a NuFriend member, every name on our mailing list supports our growth ~ Thank you for your support.

Seeds and Equipment ~ COMING SOON

We do not recommend or suggest that anyone break the law, even if the laws are archaic and, in our opinion, wrong!

In most countries it is legal to own cannabis seeds but not legal to grow them, but some countries do allow growing these non-toxic and healing plants for your personal use.
We offer no legal or medical advice and provide the content of this site for information purposes only, you are responsible for understanding the laws relating to cannabis in your country. No one should be made to feel like a criminal for trying to heal themselves or loved ones but for most people this is the current, appalling situation.

We provide the following resources for the countries that allow personal cannabis growth, but equally many of these products are ideal for other indoor crops.

We will be developing a step-by-step growers guide so please join our NuFriends mailing list to keep posted on the regular free resources we will be sharing. Every name on our mailing list supports our growth ~ Thank you for your support 

Hemp Foods ~ COMING SOON

There is no food source more complete and more ideally suited to the human body than hemp and cannabis. So many products can be made from it, from oil & flour to juicing or adding fresh leaves to salads.

It provides us with a multitude of healing phyto-chemicals, a complete source of amino acids, and the ideal omega 3, 6 & 9 ratio. Best of all hemp grows quickly and anywhere, and as it grows it remediates and rebuilds the soil making it the perfect crop to address the enormous & ongoing global loss of arable soil due to the current barbaric industrial farming methods… the potential that this one plant has to heal and feed the people, heal the land and rebuild local economies is truly limitless.

We will be adding ethical hemp businesses as we develop relationships with them. Please nominate any you know of at the bottom of the page and support us by signing up as a NuFriend ~ Many thanks

Hemp Products ~ COMING SOON

It provides a better, cleaner & cheaper fuel than oil; it outshines wood pulp as the ideal source for paper; it can be made into non-toxic biodegradable plastic; we can build houses from hempcrete which are eco friendly, antimicrobial, fireproof and even suck CO2 from the air; it is stronger than steel yet light and cheap; and can provide us food, clothing and even batteries and capacitors that are more efficient than graphene.

At Nucanna we want to support the growth of all ethical hemp and cannabis industries so here are a list of some ethical hemp related businesses which we will be adding to constantly. Please nominate any you know of at the bottom of the page and we’ll reach out to them. ~ Many thanks 

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