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Flagship NuLife Community Hub

NuLife and partners now have land and buildings in the beautiful mountains of Southern Spain, designated to become our first ‘NuLife Community Hub’.

Community hubs are an invaluable tool for uniting and supporting people in the pursuit of common goals and as a space for introducing new ideas and learning new skills.
Our NuLife Community Hub will be available to serve the local and wider community in many ways; providing space for gatherings and idea sharing, exploration of creative and artistic pursuits, skill development, learning and receiving healing modalities and much much more.

It provides a platform for respected teachers, speakers, artisans, ancient wisdom keepers, healers, artists, musicians and visionaries, both local and international, to share their valuable skills and knowledge.

It also provides space to hold revenue-generating activities aimed at the local tourists and eco-tourism market, introducing people to new and positive ideas and experiences whilst simultaneously raising funds for local projects.

Divided we are weak – united we are unstoppable!!

The hub will be an essential focal point to act as an incubator and launch pad for many community initiatives and support programs, and the ongoing growth and development of NuLife. As with all NuLife enterprises it will be designed, built and managed with replication in mind. We aim to create the instruction, training, support, and in many cases, funding to replicate these NuLife Community Hubs, NuSkill Schools and NuCommunity coops & enterprises.

There are countless passionate and capable people out there that would be more than able to manage various life-supporting and community-uniting projects, and we want to offer them the tools, training, community and support necessary to help them in this pursuit.  Our NuLife global directory and knowledge-sharing platforms will act as the medium to unite, promote and support these budding NuLife projects and also help unite, support and promote the vast and ever-growing global network of similarly focused projects and initiatives, so that we may all benefit from each others learning’s and skills and from each others audiences and membership bases.

We have lost touch with what nourishes us; our connection to the land, our communities, and our creative centres. As a collective we live lives focused solely on economic growth at the expense of our planet, each other, and even our own health and families. We have been hypnotised by the promise of progress, by the promise of more. We have been subliminally engineered to consume without thought of externalities or consequences, and we are now unable to ignore the negative results of this distorted focus.

We are now looking at generations devoid of the knowledge, skills and experience to support themselves. Each day we become more reliant on an extremely vulnerable, centralised and totally monopolised, profit-driven system for our sustenance and security. Most people are now aware that all of society and the planet is suffering and that there is no positive outcome for humanity on our current trajectory.
At this critical time on the planet it is essential that we share the tools and knowledge that can empower people and unite communities in the pursuit of self-reliance, mutual support and abundance. We have the technology, knowledge and ability for ALL people to be living lives of luxury without negatively impacting our environment… it is only lack of awareness and industry resistance that is stopping this potential movement into a new era of abundance on our beautiful planet.

This NuLife Community Hub is the first centre and space that then leads on to the birth of our first NuLife Skill Schools and first NuLife Industries. We are in the process of legal proceedings to set up a NuLife association here in Spain so that the property can be used in whatever ways best serve the people and the goals of the movement.

The area we are launching our European NuLife presence from, in Andalucía, South of Spain, is suffering from the same financial hardships facing so many. There is much unemployment and few opportunities available but there is also an abundance of arable land and passionate people.

Often, people just need to be shown opportunities and direction to flourish. We aim to share the tools, training and financial support needed to create many NuCommunity enterprises in this area. These enterprises hold the potential to breathe economic and artistic life back into the local area, offering employment, free food, reconnection to community and training in many areas of business, sustainability and health of mind, body, spirit and planet.

The list of possible and beneficial uses for this space are truly endless and will be adapted to respond to demand and opportunity.

  • Permaculture
  • Urban Farming
  • Green technologies
  • Hemp farming
  • Hemp construction
  • Courses in business management
  • Community coop management
  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Natural cosmetics
  • Plant knowledge
  • Revival of traditional craftsmanship
  • Nature Trails
  • Ancient wisdom and traditions
  • Holistic Healing modalities
  • Yoga
  • Thai chi
  • Shiatsu
  • Drumming Circles
  • Singing
  • Art and expression workshops

And we will focus on bringing back traditions of circle sharing; offering men and woman the chance to share ideas, dreams and concerns, that we may all support each other in these trying but potentially liberating times.

We are currently in the process of legal proceedings and developing our step-by-step business plan. This central hub will serve many and will require much funding to develop. Although our business plan and first project overview isn’t ready to be shared, any donations will be held transparently in a fund to accumulate ready to be used when needed.

The NuLife Hub will be an ongoing development project, broken down into smaller projects – for example:

  • Mains water installation
  • Additional toilet and shower unit
  • Main meeting space
  • Car park
  • Communal Kitchen area
  • Classrooms
  • Mobile lodging structures

Each project will be presented in full as we go, and progress and development updates, including transparent accounts, will be made readily available so that you can join us on this incredible and exciting journey.

If you feel you resonate with supporting the European presence and structure of NuLife please lend your 15% donation to NuLife Community Hub.
As always we thank you for your support.

Becoming a NuFoundational member to support our growth with a monthly donation will greatly assist our work and the speed at which we can grow and support others.  Being a NuFoundation member we will also access you a range of benefits and incentives yet to be announced.

We and our NuFriends thank you ~ Drea

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