NuCanna is one of many daughter not-for-profit companies of NuLife. The full NuLife vision is a unique package of physical and online, self-supporting units, working synergistically alongside similarly focused initiatives and groups, to create a huge promotional, educational, people-empowering, global network of change; demonstrating the beauty, and power of united communities and the importance of creativity, celebration, active living, self expression and the health of mind, body and the environment.

NuLife will use its many interlinking digital and physical platforms, and its affiliations with countless other like minded entities, to achieve its core aims: NuLife is focused on empowering people, regenerating communities and protecting the environment through the provision of tools, instruction and support; through the development of community projects focused on health, nutrition, self-development, arts, creativity, education and environmental guardianship; and through the future, gradual establishment of NuLife Community Centres, NuLife Skill Schools & NuLife Cooperatives and the provision of fair not-for-profit NuTrade routes of commerce.

NuLife Global Directory and knowledge base

NuLife is designed to become a huge global promotional and educational network made up of many individual businesses, movements, projects and platforms. It aims to support & promote the greatest hearts and minds on our planet, and bring their paradigm changing inventions, knowledge, movements and art to the attention of the world, helping to spread awareness, and foster & fund the many social, economic and environmental solutions we already have available to us, but that most are unaware of.

Over the coming years we will develop a presence in many areas such as NuMusic,  NuCommunity, NuSports, NuEvents and Nutrition, each element designed to help the change makers and art bringers to reach new audiences.  The NuLife Global directory is a core element of this goal, linking together a huge and ever-growing, people-powered and community regenerating global network of support and change.

NuTrade & NuCoin

The key to developing a successful economy is a thriving market place, we will help to stimulate this  demand through many means: our international not-for-profit, fair trade platform NuTrade International, connecting producers to customers; our online NuBay ecommerce platform for NuLifers to sell their products; through the demand of our many future NuProduction Hubs and our planned local community NuStores.

NuCoin is the NuLife block chain, crypto-currency that can either be bought, or earned through physical labour, attending NuSchools, rental of location or services to NuLife initiatives, or sale of products, produce and crafts.
NuCoin will be redeemable at any NuLife initiative. The key to the success of any new credit scheme is its ability to be spent, that is where NuLife will be focused.

NuLife Skill Schools

The tools, technologies and knowledge already exist to create thriving, abundant and resilient communities. Nobody need be lacking, nobody need be hungry, it is only corporate greed that has birthed a society where supermarket shelves are stocked high with spoiling food while people starve. Our current consumer-focused society has us growing ever more reliant on a precarious monopolised systems for all our basic needs. People are losing the skills to support themselves and as history repeatedly demonstrates monopolised systems are never a good thing in the long term.

As expansion and funds allow, we have long-term goals of creating NuLife Skill Schools across Europe where we offer classes and courses in many life, community and health supporting skills, aiming to initiate and support community empowering projects and coops, with hemp industries and phyto-economies being a main focus.

The potential for great global change starts with empowered people and empowered communities.

The NuHempire

There are thousands of uses for cannabis; it is nontoxic, resource efficient, grows quickly & anywhere, can repair our eroding, dying soils, and holds the potential to breathe life into local economies everywhere; whilst simultaneously replacing countless environmental and health-damaging industries & products, including plastic.

Through our NuHempire network and NuSkill schools we aim to aid in the birth of community focused hemp initiatives through provision of tools, knowledge and funding. We also aim to support and promote already established ethical hemp-related businesses, organisations & information sources, and improve access to their services through our global ‘NuHempire’ directory. The directory will offer news, resources, products and expert advice in an aim to help unite and empower the global cannabis & hemp movement and put this plant back where it belongs, with the people.

NuLife Nutrition

NuLife Nutrition is currently in development, and is a not-for-profit social enterprise that creates affordable, wholefood, nutrient-dense supplements and snacks, and then invests 100% of its profits into charitable, people-empowering and community-regenerating projects.

We believe that access to healthy, chemical-free, nutrient-rich food is a basic human right; and that the monopolised, industrialised ‘profit before people’, chemical-led, mono-cultured farming methods currently practiced, are the biggest threat facing global food security.

We aim to support access to the tools and knowledge that can feed and unite communities by presenting existing materials, tools, experts & community initiatives through our future NuLife Global Directory and NuKnowledge platforms; by developing a free library of well-researched, easily-understood information on optimal nutrition, plant remedies, meal creation and urban, indoor & home farming; through our future NuSkill Schools offering tools and training in nutrition, food sovereignty, community resilience, green technologies & much more; and by donating our profits, all with an aim to improving the health of individuals and communities everywhere.


Cannabis Sativa has been a staple crop, crucial to countless economies across the globe for millennia, and one of the oldest known medicines, commonplace in doctors surgeries until just 70 years ago when industrial giants, with deep financial interests, waged a war to eradicate it from our culture.  We, and many others firmly believe that is where this versatile and non-toxic plant still belongs… with the people.

At NuCanna we aim to help dispel the disinformation and confusion surrounding cannabis, and support the movement to reestablish access to this health and economy supporting plant. We believe the power to put this plant back where it belongs begins with education. In an aim to increase knowledge and spread awareness we will: provide a free library of resources, research and links to experts and support; promote the many established ethical movements, charities, businesses and information sources through our NuHempire Directory; offer training on hemp related industries through our future NuSkill Schools; and provide high-quality CBD infused nutritional products; and support those that are fighting to decriminalise a plant that can help end the suffering of many thousands.

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