NuLife Nutrition

Providing true nutrition

NuLife Nutrition is a ‘not for profit’ enterprise aimed at increasing access to fresh, wholesome nutrition for all people, regardless of financial means or location. We plan to achieve this through a range of potent healing ‘true food’ nutritional supplements; a series of NuFood Community Café’s; the development of NuLife Skills Schools, NuFarms and NuLife Food Chain initiatives; the provision of well-researched, easily understood information and instruction on optimal nutrition, urban & home gardening and preparing health supporting cuisine; and the support and financing of projects & coops relating to health of mind, body, spirit, community and planet.

 Society is becoming increasingly reliant and subservient to a very precarious, centralised, profit-only driven system that is destroying us, our planet and the hope of future generations to come…The true power for global change lies in the people united, and in empowered, thriving, creative, self-supporting communities. The people only need reminding that they hold the power to create great change; and that with only a slight change of focus from ‘I’ to ‘us’, all people could be provided for… and so much more.

NuLife Nutrition Goals and Methods
  • Provide and support access for all to cheap, organic and healthy food through our own nutrient-dense, whole-food, product ranges; access to volunteer for food schemes; access to subsidized products; the birth and support of physical and online food initiatives such as urban farming & community kitchens, the NuFood Chain, Community NuStores, NuTrade International.
  • Provide informative, unbiased, easily understood information on nutrition, diet and free training opportunities on growing food anywhere and preparing healthy meals and products.
  • Create NuLife Skill Schools – to teach all aspects of food production from growing crops to business management including: ‘best practice’ farming techniques,  growing technologies, soil renovation, water management, land management, food production, food preserving, food coops etc.
  • Create NuFarms – We will offer training in new farming techniques & technologies and the materials to repair soils and grow far greater yields. We will also guarantee the purchase of produce created through those that join the NuFarm initiative.
  • Launch the NuLife Community Café – bringing the produce of local initiatives into the community. NuLife community cafes will offer nutritious food at local prices. These cafes will community run with all profits being invested to further seed and expand local initiatives. They will also provide an area to share local news, arts and music.
  • Create NuStores – where locals can purchase useful produce, products and materials in local currency or NuCoin. We will also support local artisans in starting and funding their own shops.
  • Create the NuLife NuFood Chain – everywhere we see farms, gardens and lands overflowing with produce that is, for one reason or another, unable to reach the market place. NuLife Nutrition will focus on creating NuFood Chains collecting up produce to be sold or made into products with profits being reinvested into local development.
  • Raise and donate funds towards people-empowering and community-regenerating projects, especially focused on local food security, the arts and education.
  • Develop the NuLife Global Directory to create a powerful network of independent businesses, individuals, movements & charities all focused on collaborative change making.
  • To use our global network, social media platforms and training & employment initiatives to launch the energy backed exchange currency – NuCoin – to facilitate the sharing of food, products, skills and resources.

Nutritious, fresh food for all is a primary goal of NuLife as it is a primary need for a happy life. Our first focus is to develop our NuLife Skill School in South Africa and Spain to create replicable models to stimulate and facilitate the easy expansion of NuLife models into other communities.  We will also be focused on developing our NuLife Global Network to help connect us all; and our NuLife knowledge platform to share the tools, knowledge, training and blueprints needed to create food sovereignty in your community.

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