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Supporting the good in the world

NuLife, and its many future ‘Nu’ enterprises, are all not-for-profit; we only make profit to give it away to support people, communities and the growing good on our planet. On our NuFamily support pages you will find some good causes that you can nominate your 15% towards, or you can nominate it towards a NuLife Project.

Our NuLife Projects are focused on empowering people and regenerating communities through the provision of tools, training, instruction and support; and through the development of community projects focused on health, nutrition, self-development, arts, creativity, education and environmental guardianship. As we grow we can add more and more causes, so please support us by buying your CBD oils through us and by adding your name to our membership list.

Thank you for your support

Many groups, artists, individuals and charities are incredible at what they do but not so good at marketing themselves or raising much needed funding. NuLife, and its ‘Nu‘ enterprises, exist to create a huge promotional network that all people, projects and causes can benefit from.

The revenue our not-for-profit businesses generate will be split between expanding NuLife’s infrastructure so that we can generate more funds to give away; funding NuLife Community and people empowering projects – such as our Spanish and South African projects listed below; and by donating towards outside projects, causes and movements whose activities and aims fall within our fields of support.

The more products we sell and the more donations we receive the quicker we can support the incredible people out there that have made helping others their life’s focus.

Our accounts are transparent and our team members are paid a modest salary; you can be sure that all we want is to support the good in this world wherever we can, and we imagine you do to – together we can choose our world!

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Please support us by joining our mailing list so you keep up with our adventures and good news as we grow; along with the latest hemp & cannabis related news, our product launches, and our discounts, offers and incentives.  Every name on our membership list is a unit of power helping us to grow and open doors, which allows us to support more people.

If you are able please consider becoming a NuFriend member and support our work with a small, medium or large monthly donation so that we can grow quickly and reach more people at this critical time on our planet.

We thank you for your support