NuLife Community Support

South Africa

From the many sites available to us we have chosen two counties for our flagship NuLife models. Profits from all NuLife products as well as funds from outside investors will be used to create the infrastructure needed to train and support local communities in areas of South Africa and Southern Spain.

The desperate need of the people in South Africa, and the support we can access through certain tribal leaders to enter local communities, offers us a unique opportunity and the support to develop the NuLife models quickly, which will then serve as our first working demonstration models. This model is totally adaptable to the location intended, from England to Asia, all elements can be adjusted to serve the skills and resources available in each unique location.

We have secured land in both Southern Spain and South Africa, and the skilled support and connections of influence, needed to guarantee success. We will create all models with replication in mind so that we can easily train others to take any part of the NuLife model into their own communities and beyond.

There are struggling and failing communities all over South Africa’s rich abundant lands.

The people, especially black Africans in the townships, have been left with no education, limited access to food supplies or fuel and virtually no opportunities to create business or support themselves. White or black, all are feeling the crush of corruption and lack, yet all are surrounded by abundant lands and a huge potential work force.

All that is needed is the right approach and resources to stimulate a chain reaction that could convert these failing villages into thriving communities; a model that would be quickly adopted by surrounding villages and then beyond.

The intended NuLife model works by providing every link of the chain of commerce needed to build and run a local economy. We provide the schools to teach the needed skills, we provide the NuProduction hubs to create produce, materials and prducts; and we provide the NuStores and NuTrade routes for products and produce to be sold through.

To stay free of the hands of corruption and the interference of mafia, all trade here will be conducted via the NuLife energy backed credit system, NuCoin.

At NuLife we believe no community is healthy or complete without music, arts, culture and celebration, so we will support the locals in staging regular community events to help bring them together and spread the good news that, together, they can transform their villages.

In this flagship South African village we will first focus on teaching basic skills of reading writing and arithmetic. We will also be focused on construction and catering skills, enabling them to work for NuLife projects or find employment elsewhere within these flourishing industries.

We will also evaluate what other cottage industries could be successfully developed in each area from weaving to bee keeping. We aim to help keep traditional crafts alive whilst introducing new possibilities.

  • Create a NuLife Store
    Create a NuStore where locals can purchase useful produce, products and materials in local currency or NuCoin.
  • Establish NuCoin System
    With personal debit cards and payment terminals. Automatic payments will be made to the vulnerable, or can be earned by attending education & training initiatives, offering space for growing projects, or by offering labour in our production hubs or within the other collaborating projects we will be supporting.
  • Create NuLife Skill School units
    We will offer general education in huts situated in the villages and locals can earn NuCoin by attending. As circumstance allow we will also offer training in various areas of home building, furniture making, farming, food production, hemp farming, hemp industries, catering & cooking… the possibilities are endless and will develop in response to local need and available resources.
  • Create NuLife Production Hubs
    Offering work paid in NuCoin - one of the ways locals can feed and support their family’s through NuCoin and the NuStores. Here we work with locals to create needed products and materials. We will sell stock through our NuTrade routes and other participating channels. Items can be purchased in local fiat currency or NuCoin, and all profits will be reinvested into the community it came from.
  • Stage NuEvents
    Once NuLife is established in an area we will help create a regular local celebration for the people to come together and share food, stories, music and art.
  • NuLife Health School
    We have secured the perfect location and team to start development of our first NuLife Health School. This will offer tourists a healing retreat and offer trainee NuLife Therapists hands on experience in many health modules. Anyone can apply for our courses regardless of means as all NuLife courses can be accessed through labour exchange in one of our many projects or NuLife hubs.


NuLife brings a model that supports all people whilst they in return support Nulife, so that Nulife can seed, fund and promote the many vital projects and initiatives that can truly tip the balance towards a healthy abundant society.

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