NuLife Community Support

Southern Spain

From the many sites available to us we have chosen two counties for our flagship NuLife models. Profits from all NuLife products as well as funds from outside investors will be used to create the infrastructure needed to train and support local communities in areas of South Africa and Southern Spain.

The locations we have secured in Southern Spain can provide the first working European NuLife models to then be adapted to support development in the many potential locations we have lined up in many areas over Europe.

We have secured land in both Southern Spain and South Africa, and the skilled support and connections of influence, needed to guarantee success. We will create all models with replication in mind so that we can easily train others to take any part of the NuLife model into their own communities and beyond.

Spain is rich in lands and local produce, but also in failing farms and economies that are desperate to find a way to flourish.

As in South Africa, here we have the unique opportunity of very distinct micro economies as each pueblo (town) has its own tightknit community and sense of unique identity, meaning news of any working model will quickly spread village to village.

Here we have the added opportunity of being a well-recognised tourist destination, but greater challenges than South Africa with regulations and building restrictions, so here we will be focused on renovating abandoned buildings in local villages and breathing NuLife into failing farms.

Here we aim to demonstrate to local villages that they can provide abundant food & product supplies through NuFarming techniques and technologies, and illustrate that they can become recognised world wide as a working model of an abundant eco and arts focused community by initiating this Nu program of free training, community food production and eco building.

To be accepted and trusted by the local communities we must work closely with the villagers and town councils offering initiatives that reflect their own culture and traditions. We aim to introduce new ideas, whilst also stimulating the sharing of traditional skills that are in danger of being lost and forgotten.

  • Create NuLife Skill School
    A primary focus of NuLife is to equip the people with the tools they need to support themselves and flourish. Our NuSkill schools will come in many shapes and sizes from supporting an artisan in textile manufacturing, to renovating land into abundant coopratives that can support the local community. Our first focus in Spain is to introduce a growing scheme to the local schools, helping educate the next generation of farmers and engaging the locals through the activities of their children.
  • Establish a NuLife Health Clinic
    We will rent a location to offer free health support in the local villages which will introduce them to the healing modalities that are available locally, and to the altruistic nature of the NuLife local enterprises.
  • NuLife Farms
    We will offer training in new farming techniques and the materials to repair farms and grow far greater yields. We will also guarantee the purchase of produce created through those that join the NuFarm initiative. Our local NuLifers can train and work on these farms and earn NuCoin or other benefits in return for their labour.
  • Create NuLife Production Hubs
    Offering work paid in NuCoin - one of the ways locals can feed and support their family’s through NuCoin and the NuStores. Here we work with locals to create needed products and materials. We will sell stock through our NuTrade routes and other participating channels. Items can be purchased in local fiat currency or NuCoin helping cement the awareness and value of NuCoin in peoples minds. All profits are reinvested back into the community it came from.
  • NuLife Food Chain
    All over Spain farms, fincas and gardens are overflowing with produce that is, for one reason or another, unable to reach the market place. NuLife Nutrition will focus on creating NuFood Chains collecting up produce to be sold or made into products with profits being reinvested into local development.
  • Establish the first NuLife Community Café
    Bringing the produce of local initiatives into the community. The proposed NuLife community cafe will offer nutritious food at local prices. Any NuLife cafe will be not-for-profit community run establishments with all profits being invested to further seed and expand local initiatives. They will also provide an area to share local news, arts and music.
  • NuArts
    We have secured the premises for a community music space and studio with an aim to inspire new musical talent and to offer Spanish musicians the equipment and facilities they need to practice and record. We also have the team and location ready to establish a local artist center where we can hold many classes and exhibitions to stimulate the arts and connect the locals to the talents within their own village.


NuLife brings a model that supports all people whilst they in return support Nulife, so that Nulife can seed, fund and promote the many vital projects and initiatives that can truly tip the balance towards a healthy abundant society.

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