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Supporting You
Supporting Us

We believe a new paradigm of sharing and mutual support is the only way humanity will ever be able to thrive on this beautiful planet, so we want to lead by example. We share our profits to support the incredible individuals, movements and charities that are supporting communities and people.   We also want to support individuals on their quest to greater health and prosperity.

To this end we have developed several support programmes to help spread awareness and fund other movements & projects, and also create revenue opportunities for those who need it.

NuLife has been born from a deep desire to see a happier world and that begins with empowered and happy people. We have many far-reaching goals and to achieve them all we need as much help as we can get.

You can support us by simply adding your name to our membership directory as numbers mean power in this capitalist paradigm, or by following us and sharing our content on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. If you are able we are also deeply grateful for any one off or ongoing donation of money or time & skills.
However you lend your support and awareness we thank you.