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We already have the technology, knowledge, teachers and movements needed to push forward into a new paradigm of abundance and freedom for all… the keys to unlocking that reality are knowledge and connection.

The full NuLife vision is huge and far-reaching in its potential to assist and support the many that are unnecessarily struggling on our planet – collectively we already have the answers to create lives & communities overflowing with abundance.

Our current globally-monopolised, ‘profit above people’ economies enrich a tiny minority whilst inevitably impoverishing the vast majority. The inequality & absolute theft from the people by large corporations is easy to see in developing nations but less obvious, though equally prevalent, is the ever-increasing financial disparity in more developed countries. Equally concerning is the gradual disappearance of valuable practical skills and knowledge, and the ever dwindling sense of community, or focus on creativity and fun.

The full NuLife vision is a unique package of physical and online, self-supporting and self-promoting units, working synergistically alongside many other incredible movements, groups, experts and information resources to create a huge promotional, educational, people & community empowering global network of change; demonstrating the beauty, and power of united communities and the importance of creativity, celebration, active living and the health of mind, body and our planet.

We have a long way to go on this ambitious journey, and it all begins with our first revenue generating projects, such as NuCanna, and the continued development of the various interlinking digital and physical platforms needed to achieve our core objectives.

Our many planned platforms will be used to help support, unite and promote the countless incredible change making groups, teachers, healers, scientists, artists etc already out their sharing their gifts.  Our core drive is to develop the connections needed to reach more people with this valuable knowledge, experience and tools; supporting them on the path to self-reliance and financial freedom by facilitating access to the resources, training and knowledge needed, and through the provision of tools, education, food, support, employment opportunities, community regeneration initiatives, and the provision of fair, not-for-profit NuTrade routes of commerce.

All future NuLife community development & training facilities, and satellite initiatives, will function on a contribution system meaning that, irrespective of income, all members can access our discounted goods & services.

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  • To educate, support and galvanize people towards the pursuit of community regeneration and self-reliance.
  • To foster new audiences for the arts, sports, health, science and environmental and humanitarian concerns.
  • To encourage self-expression, teach self-reliance and bring people and communities together through music, arts, celebration, learning and community regenerating projects.
  • To increase awareness of important subjects and pressing environmental & humanitarian issues and their possible solutions, presenting experts & research from all sides to create a neutral platform designed to inspire critical thinking, topic exploration, debate and the support network to stimulate action.
  • To add in the creation of secure and decentralised systems of food and consumable production & distribution, that puts the profits of these endeavours back into the hands of the people.
  • To offer a wide range of products and services and education focused on health and low impact living.
  • To create focal points to bring together the many and varied movements, groups, businesses, charities and individuals across the planet working towards positive change, and provide support, promotion and funding for their work, and access to new and ever-expanding audiences.
  • To organise and deliver events that will further the NuLife and NuFamily visions.
  • To develop a self supporting & self promoting global network of independent businesses, charities, movements, individuals, services and facilities connecting them with new and ever expanding audiences to readdress the balance of power & finance towards the people, and to provide NuLifer’s with discounts, offers and information, exposing them to new ideas, opportunities and new vocational & leisure focused pursuits.
  • To use our global network, social media platforms and training & employment initiatives to launch an energy backed exchange currency to facilitate the sharing of skills, time, materials & products.
  • To present knew ideas & concepts and encourage awareness and appreciation of different cultures and that we are one united species on a planet of finite resources.

At NuLife we see that so much global suffering and hardship could be avoided with just some education in a few key areas. Collectively, we have the knowledge and technology to be growing abundant healthy crops anywhere without chemicals; we can already replace many polluting products and industries with safe alternatives; we are able to heal many common, and not so common, diseases without the need of toxic drugs; and we can build low cost housing out of natural materials, or high-end luxury homes with all the mod-cons, but minimal environmental impact; if we work together we could be creating thriving local economies and communities everywhere.

There is much we could be doing to greatly improve the quality of all our lives, and also prevent the hardship sure to come as our current, debt-based, fiat currency systems continue to scale out of control, inevitably, one day, crumbling.  We have all become overly reliant on highly monopolised, profit- driven systems, and as history repeatedly shows, that is never a good thing!!  If communities and countries are to survive and flourish we must reduce our reliance on these precarious and toxic systems – we must put the power back into the people and communities.

There really is no limit to the health and abundance we could be experiencing together on this planet, the only thing in our way is lack of awareness of what is possible, lack of education on the steps needed, lack of finances to take those steps and lack of a global system to support such initiatives – this is where NuLife hopes to assist.

NuLife has been designed to help tip the balance and unite the people towards rebuilding their own communities and lives, by providing the links to the chains of commerce needed to stimulate and grow local economies. Our long-term goals, working alongside many other similarly focused groups, are to provide the NuSchools to teach the needed skills, the NuProduction hubs to create products and produce and we aim to provide the NuStores and NuTrade routes for products and produce to be sold through, with all profits being reinvested back into the people and communities they came from.

We also hold goals of stirring up the creativity in peoples hearts, bringing focus back to the arts, stimulating community gatherings, help revive lost crafts and wisdoms, stimulate a deeper awareness and respect for the nature that we are all a part of; and repeatedly demonstrate that by working together we can achieve anything!!

Our end vision is made up of many individual elements and outside entities, all working synergistically to feed and support each other. From youth clubs to community canteens, from flourishing farms to urban growing projects, NuLife will work to collaborate and support the already established initiatives, or seed and grow new projects with community members. Each location will be unique and will call for different elements, but the power comes as we link the many NuLife & other collaborating initiatives together to create one giant web of life support.

Our first steps are to launch our initial revene generating arms, finish building our online support and promotion platforms, and install the first physical elements in our chosen locations.  We can then build incrementally to create our pilot working models to share and seed onwards. For our pilot projects we have secured land, buildings and team to start work in Spain and South Africa.

NuLife in South Africa
NuLife in South Africa
NuLife in Spain
NuLife in Spain


NuLife brings a model that supports all people whilst they in return support Nulife, so that Nulife can seed, fund and promote the many vital projects and initiatives that can truly tip the balance towards a healthy abundant society.

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