The Sacred Plant

The Sacred Plant

Our mission is to provide accurate science-based research and stories to help educate people and correct the misunderstandings which people have about The Sacred Plant. Furthermore, we hope to make The Sacred Plant accessible to all people everywhere so they have freedom of choice and can make educated treatment decisions for themselves.

If you’re sceptical, we completely understand. We promise you that you will be blown away and not disappointed. We have received thousands of emails, Facebook comments, phone calls, and hand-written letters from people just like you, whose lives have been changed and saved. For more about us please click here.

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Last year, in the first 6 months of being online, we touched nearly 500,000 people in 190+ countries. In 2018, we anticipate to more than double our reach and impact by serving at least 1,000,000 people in total.

We give back in many ways. In 2017, we gifted 1,272 copies of our unlimited access programs through our Scholarship Program and donated more than $30,000 to multiple charities.

We are incredibly dedicated and determined to deliver to you and people everywhere. We hope that you join us to be informed, empowered, and to stand against injustice.    Learn more through The Sacred Plant Support page.

About the Host

John Malanca is the host of The Sacred Plant company. John’s interest in The Sacred Plant developed when his father-in-law Stan was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and sent to hospice with 2 weeks to live.

John and his wife, Corinne, were desperate for something that would help Stan recover. Their search led them to The Sacred Plant. Miraculously, Stan is still alive 7 years later!

John and Corinne became advocates from that point on, and dedicated their lives to sharing this information – the truths, the lies, and the how-tos – with anyone and everyone who would listen.

About the Founder

Manny Goldman is the founder of The Sacred Plant company. Manny’s interest in The Sacred Plant developed when he discovered its healing power and the injustice that was surrounding it.

Manny believes in using marketing and business as sources of helping people and doing good. He has a big problem with someone using them to do harm. He will stop at nothing to stand up for injustice and to empower people.

He leveraged all his experience, his life-savings, and every connection he could think of to launch the company, the initial docuseries, and the webinar series events within 90 days.

It has been a year since he hired his first team member to help him (April 2017) and The Sacred Plantcompany was launched to the public in June 2017. He hasn’t taken a salary yet and continues to re-invest every dollar, and then some, to help as many people as possible.

On the heels of the successful debut of Season 1, Manny has devoted every waking moment to bringing you the groundbreaking new Season 2 docuseries, The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Examined. Lives have been changed. Lives have been saved. The past 14+ months have been a labor of love and one of the most gratifying and satisfying endeavors of Manny’s life.

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