All across the planet people are waking up to the incredible economic, environmental and healing properties of Cannabis Sativa.

A plant that has been a staple crop central to countless economies across the globe for millennia…

and one of the oldest known medicines, commonplace in doctors surgeries until just 70 years ago…

when industrial giants with deep financial interests waged a war to eradicate it from our culture.

What is NuCanna

NuCanna is a not-for-profit daughter company of NuLife Nutrition, and whilst NuLife Nutrition focuses on true nutrition and the many health nurturing gifts nature has to offer, NuCanna has been created as an independent platform to focus solely on the immense therapeutic and nutritional support that Cannabis Sativa alone has to offer.

NuCanna aims to help spread awareness of this miraculous herb, and to help dispel the myth and disinformation that has grown up around it. We are focused on bringing you the highest quality CBD products available, alongside the knowledge and information needed to optimally support your own endocannabinoid system and enjoy the benefits that this may bring you.

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There is now a bewildering amount of conflicting information online with more being posted every day, and a slew of unregulated and untested products being sold by uninformed and sometimes unethical traders; but there is also a lot of high-quality products and information out there too.

We are here to not only offer you lab-tested, quality-assured products, but also arm you with reliable and honest information and resources from some of the greatest minds on the subject; and we are currently in the process of creating ‘The NuHempire’ directory of ethical hemp & cannabis related businesses, movements and information sources to aid and reassure you on your journey of discovery.

NuLife Nutrition, and its daughter company NuCanna, are both not-for-profit companies dedicated to supporting people in their journey towards optimal physical and mental well-being. We do the research that the vast majority of people just do not have the time to do, and we bring into one place valuable resources such as clinical trials, studies, patient testimonials, experts and leading information resources to help you explore many health and diet-related topics.
You can find an ever-growing archive of information here on our Experts & Resources page. Please contact us here to let us know about any ethical cannabis-based businesses or  information resources you think we should be sharing with others.

It can be a confusing time researching across the many cannabis related sites out there, for ease we have created a frequently asked questions page here.  We will be constantly updating & adding information, let us know if you have a specific question or concern and we will do our best to answer it ~ contact NuCanna

There are thousands of uses for cannabis.  It is non-toxic, resource efficient, grows quickly & anywhere, can repair our eroding & dying soils, and holds the potential to breathe life back into local economies everywhere.  All whilst simultaneously replacing countless environment and health-damaging industries & products, including plastic!

We believe the power to put this plant back where it belongs begins with education. In an aim to increase knowledge and spread awareness we are developing the ‘NuHempire Directory’ to promote the many ethical movements, charities, businesses and information sources that are working to support the people with cannabis. and to facilitate the public in accessing resources, quality products and information ~ Let us know here about any ethical cannabis-based businesses or important information resources you think we should be sharing with others.

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NuCanna supporting NuLife

A happy world starts with happy people

Not about profit
NuLife and NuCanna are not about profit, we are about the people, we give all our profits away to community and people-empowering projects, and initiatives that will increase access to fresh, nutrient-rich, chemical-free food for all people regardless of location or income.
The NuHempire
Through our coming ‘NuHempire Directory’ we aim to support & promote established ethical cannabis & hemp related businesses, organisations & information resources. We are also focused on helping birth future community-focused hemp initiatives through provision of tools, knowledge and funding, aiming to help empower and advance the global cannabis & hemp movement. Contact us if you are involved with or know of a cannabis or hemp-based business, movement or expert resource.
Doing our bit towards a better world
A healthy, happy world begins with healthy, happy people, so let’s focus our time, energy & resources on providing more good things for everybody instead of more profits for the already wealthy!

Support us in supporting you

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Join our mailing list to keep up with our adventures and the good news we’ll be sharing from around the world. Every name on our membership list is a unit of power helping us to help you and others.  Let us know if you are a hemp or cannabis focused business, expert or movement that would like to be listed in our directory, or if you are involved in a worthy project or community empowering initiative.   Get in touch if you are elderly, a student, a veteran, or on a low income and would like to apply for our ‘NuFriend in Need’ support, or if you would like to hear more about our various affiliate offers.